Friday, January 1, 2010

New Reader Demonstration Video

A quick demonstration video that talks about what the Reader is, and shows it in action.


  1. Congratulations and thank you for this program! I´m really looking forward to using it for Japanese study!!!

    I see that the Transcriber crew has come out with a new version, called TranscriberAG (

    Do files from this version also work with DingLabs Reader (both browser and desktop versions)?

    If so, does it continue to give the same problem with mp3 files? It would be nice to not have to convert everything... .

  2. Hi Monjalsshin, I eagerly tried TranscriberAG when it was first released, but I was disappointed. Even a WAV file became out of sync after a few minutes. So I've been using the original Transcriber, still.

    I have been developing a new version of the desktop reader that has been immensely useful. It helps me manage my files, view them in the reader, open them in Transcriber while converting MP3 to WAV automatically. Maybe this will be useful for others, as well.

  3. Wow! Please let me know when you release this new version! It looks perfect! I'm sure it will be useful for others! Will it also accept paralell texts?
    Again, congratulations on your work. It gives me hope to finally be able to get somewhere with my Japanese study (reading/listening usually is what works best for me... ).
    On the other hand, the browser version permits the use of Rikaichan, doesn't it (I seem to vaguely remember that when I looked at it "The Frog Prince" with Firefox, unless I'm remembering wrong... .)? In that case, the browser version would continue to be useful, unless you somehow get a dictionary function into the desktop version.
    And thanks for your generosity in sharing all of this in the open source spirit!

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