Sunday, February 3, 2013

Learn Clojure with Screencast Series

Clojure is a programming language that has gained a large following, becoming one of the most compelling Lisp implementations out there. Clojure brings innovations such as first-class syntax for vectors, sets and maps, and a philosophy of immutability and functional programming. And much, much more.

For those looking to get started with Clojure, I've created a screencast tutorial series that walks through the Clojure Koans exercises. The koans introduce twenty key elements of the language. I create one video per lesson, so you can watch and learn Clojure in bite-size pieces:

The entire YouTube playlist is here: Clojure Koans Walkthrough

Even if you never use Clojure in your day-to-day development, the ideas explored in the Clojure Koans series can expand your horizons in any programming language you use.

Watch the videos and have fun.

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